Afternoon Art

I did this when it got slow today. I got to start framing just not sure when. I will be buying a few canvas to paint on while I am home on Christmas break.

Looking For Support

I have a Patreon Page that I have had for some time. I like this page because I can post all artwork good or bad but now I am trying to get visitors to my page. And hopefully some responses to what I post. I’m also hoping to get my visitors to become a patron….

And I Continue To Create

I spend my free time creating art pieces. I sometimes use paint, oil crayons, markers and sometimes I sketch. I keep my artwork safe in a binder and I also frame. I am selling my art. I will post more of my artwork so that everyone can view. 

My Art..My Creation…Got You Like!!!

I use to share my artwork in the different art groups that I use to belong but I stopped. I would get so many negative feedback from so many but then I thought to myself obviously if their responding then my artwork got their attention. I un joined a lot of those art groups on…