And The Caps Do It Again

So last night the Caps won & had so many fans celebrating. They play again Thursday night. Here are a few pictures

My Birthday Wish

This month is my birthday month and I plan to celebrate it every day and enjoy all that I have been blessed with. For my birthday wish all I want is for my book to sell fifty copies and possibly more so if you haven’t gotten your copy go and purchase your copy. Its available…

It’s Been A Wild Time

As most of you know my Caps have made it into the playoffs & they have surprised everyone by still playing. I myself didn’t expect to be working in June but here I am & yes I’m happy and looking forward to my team winning the Stanley Cup. I am really looking forward to all…

Just Sharing

I am creating a few artworks to celebrate my team the Caps winning the Eastern Conference Championship. I will at some time frame these artworks.

Instagram Selfie’s

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