My Birthday Wish

This month is my birthday month and I plan to celebrate it every day and enjoy all that I have been blessed with. For my birthday wish all I want is for my book to sell fifty copies and possibly more so if you haven’t gotten your copy go and purchase your copy. Its available…

It’s Been A Wild Time

As most of you know my Caps have made it into the playoffs & they have surprised everyone by still playing. I myself didn’t expect to be working in June but here I am & yes I’m happy and looking forward to my team winning the Stanley Cup. I am really looking forward to all…

Just Sharing

I am creating a few artworks to celebrate my team the Caps winning the Eastern Conference Championship. I will at some time frame these artworks.

Instagram Selfie’s

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Ooh! I’m On The Living The Best Me Tip

I have had many exciting adventures lately like writing for Friends In Cold Places blog and my followers are increasing on my social media sites. So yeah while I’m working two jobs I’m also doing what makes me happy. I am still working to get followers for my Patreon Page so I do hope that…