Hair Luscious

For the last few weeks I have been wearing my natural hair & I am still in amazement about how much my hair had grown. I had been wearing a weave for about a little over a month so when I finally had it taken out I couldn’t believe my growth & that my hair…


I recently went to my hair dresser & got my weave out I had it in for a few months. I was surprised how much my hair had grown & it was healthy. I plan to go weaveless for a few months.

Let’s Talk Hair

I have been wearing a weave for a few months. I like wearing it because it makes my ready time very easy. I can easily style my hair & when it rains my hair does not frizz up. I have a stylist that I visit for maintence & I know when I finally take it…

My Hair Journey 

I recently had my weave taken out and I was surprised to see how much my hair had grown. I did get some pieces sewn in but a good majority is my hair. My stylist really takes good care of my hair. I’ve been going to Annette for a few months and will continue 

Hair Beautiful 

Since I had my hair re did I didn’t think I would like it but I do. My stylist gave me a different look. At night I roll it on curlers and then the next day I  fluff. 

My Hair Adventure

Recently I have been wearing a weave and I took my time looking for the best weavologist and it’s important to find someone who knows what they are doing. Although it’s not cheap it’s so worth it. I plan to keep my weave in until the summer. I do go back to have it maintained…

Hair Talking 

It’s day two and my hair is still looking awesome and it’s so manageable and soft. I do have to oil my hair because my eats up oil. So far so good. Will keep you updated on my progress. I do have hair goals which is to grow it long and healthy. Now my next…

Talking Hair

I have a stylist that I really like she understands my hair and my hair goals. Today she used   a new product on my hair called ETAE Caramel Treatment. My hair feels soft and flowy and it’s straight. I don’t normally wear my hair straight but I did this time so only time will tell….