Baking Love

Recently I started baking cookies, cupcakes, cakes & pies I find baking relaxing and calming. Although my cookies are huge but they are soft with a bit of a crunch. Those who have tasted my baking have said how good they are & I should sell them as a side gig but I bake because…

Food Porn(Maddy’s Tap Room)

So I  decided to explore more of my city DC. I ended up at Maddy’s which sits on the corner of 13th street. I will have to say the burger was delicious, very juicy. I went during the lunch hour so it wasn’t busy. It’s not a big restaurant but the atmosphere is cozy. I…

Food Porn(Bar Louie)

Today for lunch I decided to eat at Bar Louie in Alexandria Virginia. Its a very nice place the employees were warm & inviting. I didn’t have to walk far from my temp job. The burger was thick & juicy. It was a very good lunch. The manager introduced himself to me but I forgot…

Food Porn

Today I was able to have dinner before I had to go into work. I ate at Clyde’s there chicken wings are good. Clyde’s is usually busy but I was able to get in. Its best not to try to eat at Clyde’s before or after a Caps game.

Food Porn

The other day I went to  FIVE GUYS & there hamburger & French fries are so good

Food Porn

I sometimes go to one of my favorites to treat myself. They have really good ice cream.

Food Porn

This morning my family went to a restaurant to get breakfast. This is so good & they give you a large portion so much so that it cannot be eaten in one sitting. I tried but had to give up but at least I have breakfast for tomorrow.  The restaurant name :  Keith & Son…


This morning I decided to eat breakfast. I’m usually not into it most times I eat something chocolate and drink soda I know it’s not healthy but nothing we eat is. At times I love a southern breakfast. So today I ate breakfast but the only thing I was missing was grits. It’s rare that…

Food Fight

As I cook some of the foods that I like to eat I think about all the diet commercials I see. I feel if you deny yourself the foods you enjoy, you will gain weight. And if you really think about it all these diet shakes, pills and food once you stop them you will…

What’s For Dinner

Tonight I had a taste for steak so that’s what I cooked while watching the Caps play. On my next time off I will get some fish to cook with veggies.