Get Ready For Book 2

So as I am writing this second book I really don’t think readers will be ready for it. In this second book I take the reader to whole new level I will fifty shades my readers like never before. My first book gets you ready for the second book. I will have my female readers…

Hitting Pen To Paper

I have gotten back to writing my second book which I have named it BUTTERFLY which is a hockey move. I’m also doing a contest for my books one is a book giveaway. I have set a tentative date for my book release but of course it may change. This book is drama filled but…

Get Your Copy

This is my book that I published four years ago. It is available on

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             BUTTERFLY              Blue  Ice Series                    Book 2

Not So Easy

I have ordered & received more copies of my book The Strut Of The Puck & I have given a select few copies but the hardest thing for me is to get people to write a review of my book on amazon. I know its being read because I am told by many how great…