The Writers Monster

I have started to get back into my writing rhythm which hasn’t been easy in fact it’s been challenging. I have a lot of stories to write and share with readers and I am doing my best to keep writing. All my stories are in my head right now just fighting to be set free so I have no choice. I will continue to publish my stories no matter if they sell or not. I would love to have my books make money so I can turn my passion into my career. I for now use my tablet to write but I hope to one day get a computer but I will have to say my tablet is doing me good. I am learning as I go on how to get my book noticed but again it has come with challenges. I have learned one thing through this process never put a date on when a book will be finished & on how to end the story. This second book will be finished when it feels right. I write because I feel I must in order to be able to share my stories. I know that books will be around forever. The series is named The Blue Ice Trilogy. I hope that everyone will decide to help a self published author get her book noticed.

My book can be purchased on Amazon & Barnes & Noble