Forward Going

I have gained a little over four hundred followers on my Instagram account but my goal is to have at least a thousand. The one thing I do with my IG is I keep it one hundred percent & true to myself so I know that will gain me more followers. As I have found out we have a new sports arena & a new team called the Capital Go-Go which is the monor team of the Wizards & I plan to attend a few games & pretty much just check out the arena. I will keep improving all my social media sites. I’ve so enjoyed this new adventure or second life experience that I am on because it’s making me more explorable. So I like to call this my second life which has become my more adventurous side. I will continue to post all my adventures. I’ve always known that life is short and if you don’t live it now you never will. I still have my bucket list but I haven’t done half the things I said I would but at some point I will. So keep watching!!!!

Instagram: cheesie_world