Close & Open

This year is going to be filled with new adventures & new experiences. So after seven seasons with the PWC Club it has been decided that my services are no longer needed. I will miss working at the restaurant & with my co workers and the customers but I knew it was going to end once they remodeled the restaurant. But now I get to pursue other avenues. As I remember the saying when one door closes another one always open & I truly believe that. Now I will be able to work on my social media presence & turn it into a business. I do want to be able to promote other businesses & new artists on my Instagram Page. I will now be able to attend the games as a fan so everyone will see me but just differently. I’m a huge supporter of all DC teams. I’m excited that I get to watch Caps, Wizards, Mystics, Redskins,Valor, Hoya, Nats & DC United. Although I know I will not see all of them play but I will try. I will now be able to write & photograph often. I’ve been blessed to be able to go on this new journey & I hope you will continue to follow me on all my social media accounts because as I always say you just never know what I will do next.


IG: cheesie_world


YouTube:Cheesiepeesie Vlog