Five Years And Counting

Well, it’s been that long that my first book has been out eventhough the sales hasn’t been great I am still proud of my accomplishment. I know it takes awhile for a book to become popular and sometimes when I get discouraged I think of JK Rowling and how long it took for her book to be published. I took a different route and self published my book but it doesn’t make it any easier because all the promoting is on me & it is costly. I am always talking about my book so that I can at least get readers interested. I pray that I will live long enough to see it become popular or at least talked about. My dream is to one day see the sales go up and to see it move up on amazon in the top ten and even get turned into a movie but if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime at least my kids & grandchildren will know that I wrote that series. The one thing I know is books are forever. I find it even harder to get readers to post a review on amazon I really wish readers would do that. I do have a second book that will be released soon called Strut Of The Puck 2: Russian Surprise.

I have a challenge for all my followers & readers since people love to do challenges. Here is the challenge buy my book on amazon either ebook or paperback and then write a review on amazon. But I know this is one challenge that probably will not be done because it’s not ridiculous enough.