Life Joys

I have been making sure lately that I live life to the fullest which has been fun. On my birthday this month I told myself that I will enjoy everything that life has for me and that is exactly what I have been doing. When my team Capitals was playing in the playoffs I went downtown to watch them win on the big TVs. I also went to the parade and rally I didn’t care that I only had a dollar to my name I went & had so much fun. And the best birthday gift I received was when my Caps won the Stanley Cup and I plan to get a tattoo to commemorate that day. I will be blogging my life journey.

I plan to go on adventures around the DMV and hopefully everyone will continue to follow me on my blog. As you can see I don’t talk about one thing I talk about everything. In my blog I can be talking sports one minute and the next talk about my depression and my fur babies.

I am still navigating this thing called life and I am not always doing things as I should but I am enjoying it. Life is to be lived and that’s what I plan on doing.

I’m not perfect nor is my life but I will always be the life of the party and anyone who comes into my presence will feel nothing but love and joy.