From Grandma To Ours

My hubby & I have been living in my grandmother’s house for some years & while it needs some fixing it still an awesome home. It’s a four bedroom home with the basement room being a small apartment. The basement room has a bedroom, living room, bathroom & kitchen a full not a kitchenette. We are slowly remodeling this home. One bedroom upstairs is a entertainment room. We have two walk in closets. This home was built before walk in closets became popular. It’s all brick & it was built in the 1930’s. We are redecorating the rooms & we plan to make the outside an oasis party yard. During the summer we want to have a lot of cookouts.

This home has all real wood floors through out. Although the kitchen is small but who really need a big kitchen we dont.

Now we have to give it an awesome name because all amazingly beautiful homes have names.