Day By Day

I have been keeping busy online trying to grow my followers on all my social media accounts. I am still passing out signed copies of my book because I know at some point my sales on will increase. I will have to admit it hasn’t been easy self promoting my books or myself & the sales on amazon have been low. The one good thing is those who have read it say they like the story & they like the fact they can read it in two days. I made it so the reader can read it in two days because not everyone has time to read a thick book. I’m trying to find a way to use that fact that you can read in two days.

I have bought smiles to the faces of those I have given copies too.

I will continue to freely give out signed copies of my book & work on increasing my followers on all my social media accounts & hopefully I can become an influencer.

The one thing I do on my social media accounts is share my life & loves with everyone & my love of my cats. Although my Patreon Page I have yet to get followers but I know in time it will happen.


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