And The Ladies Came

Last night was Hockey And Heels yearly event & no one wore heels. My sister’s in hockey gathered to have fun with a few Caps players we played broom ball which is harder than it looked on ice. I not being so coordinated fell on that cold ice & spent the rest of the time rubbing my butt. Then we were divided into groups, mine being the smallest we learned about nutrition, talked hockey with Coach Trots & Amelia Draper from News 4, then we went and saw Jenny Potter gold medals & she talked which I wish I could have stayed to hear but I had to rush to go catch my train. The entire evening was awesome until I had to rush to catch my train because metro closes early & that sucked. I did get a chance to talk to Craig Laughlin who told me about how his daughter Courtney had been reading my book Strut Of The Puck to him & from what he heard he liked it & plan to get his own copy since his daughter refuses to give up hers. Then I talked to Amelia Draper from News 4 who remembered me from the previous Hockey & Heels & she plans to get herself a copy of my book. I can’t wait to hear her thoughts about my book.

I am feeling really good about my book & where it’s going & it’s possibility. My one goal, dream, desire is for my book to be in everyone hands & of course it wouldn’t hurt if the sells was better. I know everything has it’s season & if I keep writing it will all fall into place.

I often wonder if I am a really good writer but I remember I have an editor mom who makes me sound better than me. I am forever grateful to my mom because of her I am able to write & publish with confidence. She reads me in the raw & then says how about we go this direction & she has yet to lead me wrong. It’s always good when you have an editor who understands where you are going. Thanks mom.

So if you haven’t already go & get your copy & be watching out for my upcoming contest because you could be the winner of two tickets to a Capitals game, dinner, early entry to watch the players practice, signed jersey & puck. And yes everyone can enter but you got to enter to win. The details are coming soon.