What’s Up With That!

On my blog I talk about many things as well as give thanks so this will be no different.

The internet has been so accessible to everyone which has been good & bad. And the accessibility of cellphones has been its own devil. It’s like everything is put online & nothing is left untouched. It’s like when people get mad at each other they put it online. I always say that not everything needs to be online. I try to keep my online activities positive & fun & interesting.

I ride the metro often & I never understand why rider’s get on & turn the ride into there own therapy session. Then there are the ones who get on talking loudly on there cellphone if you have to talk that loud you don’t need a cellphone. And let’s not talk about all the money they charge us to ride & they can’t give us a clean bus. I have rode many buses where the floor is sticky & you rather stand then sit because you don’t know what’s on the seats.

I use to wonder how can someone like to live alone but I wonder no more. I believe if you really want to know about someone live with them because you find out a lot about that person. The main things you will find out is how clean they are & if they respect your space but you should never let anyone live in your home for free. When you let that person live in your home for free they take advantage & soon become moochers & we all have known a few moochers in our lives. Those are the hardest to get rid of because they feel entitled. Is there a solution? Maybe? Maybe Not?

I get it with Face Book, Instagram, Snapchat it’s easy to share & everyone wants to be famous but at what cost. When you post remember it’s out there for the universe to see forever.