Saying 👋 To 2017

I awoke this morning with the realization that this year is ending. As I watched everyone scramble to get there loved ones gifts I just took a moment to give thanks to God for keeping a roof over my head, utilities on, food in the refrigerator and a job. I know for some that doesn’t seem like much but for me it’s major especially when I think back to all the years I spent moving from one place to another and living with family & friends never staying in one place for long so to finally have a stable home that I have lived in for more than six months, yes this is my Christmas gift, my blessing. No amount of material gifts will ever amount to this blessing of security & peace & to top it all off to marry my childhood love & be happy. I am always so thankful for my hubby he has showed me what true love is. I’ve just been so thankful for my kids, my family & life.

I get up every morning & do my praise dance 💃 I be singing to let the devil know you will never take hold of me. I refuse to be anything but in good spirits.

As you bring in the New Year be grateful for the small things in life because you never know when the small things will be taken.