Working Living The Dream

As I sat watching my Skins play I had made a few YouTube Channel Video & I talk about what I am doing and how I have an online store. I have been creating jewelry and pom pom keychain and charms. I refuse to let anyone or anything stop me from reaching my goal I know there are haters out there who are going to try to deter me but I’m just to dedicated. I am aware that not everyone is going to like my creations and that’s fine because when I create I’m always thinking outside the box. This online shop I will be selling many things like my artwork, pom pom blanket, keychain, charms, rugs and hair accessories. I of course will have jewelry to purchase. I am working on a Kickstarter Campaign to get sponsors to support me. I do want to thank those who have subscribe to this blog because that does help and I hope that you will visit my online store and help me get the word out about my shop and favor my shop also. As I progress I will keep everyone updated. Thanks again for your support.