This Is Cray Cray

Well I have to say that when dealing with  Facebook you have to weed out the bad from the good. I decided to go and sell on Facebook which I have been getting responses but these people must think I am stupid. One person wanted me to let them try the tablet out before they bought it I was like you buy it first then you can do whatever you want to it I did let them know I will turn it on but that’s it. Who the fuck do they think I am either you buy it or don’t waste my time I have given detail about my tablet and no one is getting there hands on it until they buy it because Ive heard people getting what they selling stolen from them.  Then one person tells me that what I am selling is only worth five dollars I just blocked that person. I am always wondering how people can tell you what your product is worth Facebook has made people bold that they can say whatever they want  or wouldn’t say in your face. I know for a fact they would never go into a cellphone company and tell them what there product is worth they would just pay the cost. I had to unjoin a few groups on Facebook  because even though they said they support artist I found out that they really don’t and most groups were created to bash and tear down the artist. Facebook has its good as well as the bad I only share my artwork on my private FB page, Mighty Creators and on my blog. I do have some artwork I am selling on FB marketplace but I am still weeding out the none sense on FB marketplace but I know I will get a buyer for my products.