Girl Ride

Living in DC is convenient and sometimes easy to get around for someone like me who doesn’t drive taking metro is best. But of course there are times when I really dispise it. Yes there are other ways of getting around like Uber but sometimes they are not always budget friendly. I do have certain time of the day that I don’t ride metro mostly when school lets out because those school kids can be so rowdy and fowl mouth that they almost make you second guess yourself if you really needed to take metro. But metro can be more entertaining than tv you see everything like the homeless, drunks & attention seekers. I very much have noticed in recent years that those in need whether it’s money or a listening ear have taken to metro to get what they need. I’m not sure why metro has become that place to release but it has. In my travels I have seen the good & bad of riding metro although I do have anxiety when I ride metro especially the train when going through tunnels & over bridges but I have learned how to cope. I have come to realize that there is no such thing as a quiet ride. So until someone can figure out how to make metro more enjoyable we the riders will have to deal with constant craziness that is metro.