Say What????

I was reading in the express news paper an article on a bill that would decriminalize prostitution. The bill was introduced by a DC Council member I wonder what would make him present such a bill. I know DC has decriminalized marijuana which isn’t a bad thing although now you have people smoking it more freely especially that loud weed that smell lingers for a long time but now your talking about the selling of sex. I understand that Nevada & the Netherlands has made it legal but we are neither and I see problems with decriminalizing it in the future especially when you don’t have it regulated. I do understand that’s how some choose to make a living & to each it’s own but at some point you just gotta say NO. I see it like this if you decriminalize sex work than you would have a lot of brothels opening up in the DMV without fear of police intervention & how would this bill protect the many women & men who are forced into prostitution. The pimps would have a field day with this bill. I’m playing devils advocate yes making it legal would help those who are forced into prostitution not have a charge that will follow them the rest of there lives but it will not help either but maybe if it was regulated that would help. I am keeping an open mind on this bill until all the details have been explained.