Not Gonna Be

I’m always surfing the web checking out other blogs and YouTube Channels but I am finding out is those that blog rumors or stupidity get a lot of views. I refuse to be that blog that blogs rumors and show stupidity at it’s best because I believe rumors hurt lives. It doesn’t surprise me that those types of blogs and YouTube channels are so popular. Although I at times talk about certain news stories I don’t dwell on them I plan to keep this blog & YouTube Channel positive and interesting. Now I do at times watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and Atlanta & I do talk about the show. I find the show very entertaining & it does make for good talk at times.  All I can say is those on that show must be paid top dollars to act a fool. I still don’t understand how they talk about the music they record and yet you never hear them. I believe these so called recording artist on the show are wannabe’s. I’ve heard one of the artist K Michelle  who isn’t on the show that often and there is another artist whose name I can’t think of. I plan to gain my followers by being different from everyone else. 

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