Hit For The Cycle

As everyone may have heard the Nats lost the game so they are out the playoffs. Many have said that it’s a DC curse but I don’t think so I just believe that it’s not our time yet but when it is we will know. I don’t know how we will know all I am certain of is that our time has yet to come.  

So the other day was a Caps  game and we played our rival Penguins and it was a busy game. But before I got there I was able to be home to relax and so I decided to go to my neighborhood store to get some snacks. As I am paying for my snacks this guy walks up to me & says can I have some money I look at him & say I ain’t got no job of course I got a job but he didn’t need to know. This guy was in the line as I was coming into the store buying lottery tickets. This pissed me off because how you gonna be buying lottery tickets & begging for money at the same time. This guy had no shame in his game I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but I didn’t so before I left the store I did yell get a job then left. I see that a lot able bodied men begging for money from women. 

On my way to work I had to get my energy right so I listened to music and by the time I got to work I was all good. Soon the doors opened to first the club then the main doors. The club was jumping and I was busy running back and forth so much so that I wish I had skates.  Before the first period ended there was at least three fights on the fourth floor which I nicknamed fight club and some fans were tossed to the streets. I will never understand how any fan can come to a game just to be ejected from the arena these hockey tickets are not cheap. So as second period starts two chickadees enter the club and the conversation is an interestingly hilarious one and I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Here is how it went.

Two Chickadees: Excuse me miss can you help us we are trying to get to the Puckers Lounge and Blue Line Restaurant (not the actual names).

I happen to look down and see that they are wearing the wrist band of the lounge and holding the cup with the restaurant name on it & I just have no clue how they are not able to find the lounge and restaurant. At the same time I am trying my best to keep a straight face.

Me: take the steps that are outside of this club to your right to the ground floor the event level.

Two Chickadees: where is the ground floor?

I again is trying not to laugh so I walk them to the steps and say walk down these steps until you can’t walk down anymore steps and it’s right there. Fifteen minutes pass and they return.

Two Chickadees: we can’t find it!

Me: did you go down all the steps?

Two Chickadees: yes!

Me: really!!! and you still couldn’t find it

Two Chickadees: no! And we really want to go there before the game ends.

By this time I start to imitate Madea and I walk them down the steps.

Two Chickadees: this is where we stopped

Me: this is not the ground / event floor, this is the first floor.

These two ladies are looking even more clueless so I take them down another flight of stairs and through the door.

Me: here it is! The lounge and restaurant

Two Chickadees: OMG! We have been walking around looking for this place since we arrived and never would have found it without you.

Again they had been at the lounge and restaurant earlier because that is how they got the wrist band and cup. As they are thanking me I glance at there t-shirts that read Penguin Fans. 

The penguins won the game.