Cherry Picking

As I sit here at work my mind can’t stop thinking about tomorrow the day all true Caps fans have been waiting for Caps Home Opener. Am I excited Hell Yeah & I’m more excited for the Red Carpet Event that’s happening before the game. From what I read it starts around 3pm but I plan to arrive around 2pm I got to stake out prime real estate for eye googling & drooling.

I will come prepared for hours of selfie time with the players so I plan not to drink while I am waiting because the older one get the less one can hold it’s water. I will be taking many pictures & talking with fans about the experience. Then later that night sitting in my room listening to my mixture of music and blogging into the wee hours.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the players getting out of those fancy dancy cars in their best pretty boy attire being escorted by a hand picked fan dressed in the latest fan attire. I know this may sound crazy but I dream of one day being that fan escorting a player down the red carpet. At this point I really don’t care if it’s SlapShot or a Red Rocker just the thought of walking down the red carpet sends chills up & down my spine.

Yes I will be there drooling & eye googling before I have to snap out of it & gather my senses what will be left of them to work the game.

I hope to see everyone there, ready to Rock The Red & get Loud and most importantly have fun. And yes I hope for a win.