What’s Next For This Blog 2017-18 Year

This year has been busy for me besides going back to work as a hostess I have been busily blogging and working on making this blog the best it can be. Writing on this blog has been a fun learning experience for me. I try to keep my blog as transparent as I can by letting my readers into my life as well as the topics I enjoy talking about. Of course my readers can see how I truly love my Capitals although I may not always understand the sport I am a very huge fan.

I haven’t yet incorporated my blog but it has been something I am seriously considering. The one thing I enjoy doing is sharing my life, adventures & loves. As my blog grows I would like to have local businesses advertising on my blog.

As for selling merchandise I am considering looking into how to sell t shirts on here. What I do have is a book that I have published & it’s available on Amazon. THE STRUT OF THE PUCK.

I plan on traveling throughout the DMV & write about my adventures. I also plan on doing interviews.

I am so very blessed for the readers & the subscribers that I do have and I continue to pray to receive more. I am always looking for feedback from those that visit my blog so don’t be shy leave a comment but don’t be a jerk about it.

So this year will be filled with a lot of adventures & interesting topics.

If you would like to support this blog with a donation it will be greatly appreciated. All donations will go to making this blog better than what it is.

Thank you again for your continued love & support of my blogging journey.