Choosing Love

This morning I wake knowing the state of sadness this country is in & how much love is in need of love. It is so easy to hate but I choose love. Over the years we have had so many mass shooting & each time they want to blame mental illness but it’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s just an evil person, someone who doesn’t know love, has never felt love. I truly feel that when someone is bought up surrounded by love they never develop the urge to harm. Although when someone is dealing with mental illness it’s important to get them the help that is needed & not to alienate them.

When I am at work or just out I always say Hey Love & it’s not that I am flirting but I say it so that everyone know they are love & worthy of love.

When I am at work or anywhere I give hugs because my motto is a hug will keep away the evil. I do it at work so much that my customers will come to me if I didn’t give them a hug and will say either where is my hug? Or you didnt give me my hug. It’s the small expressions of love that changes everything. I will never stop spreading love no matter what happens in this world.

If everyone would show each other love, true, honest & pure without it being dirty or with strings attached this country would be in a better state than it is now. We have got to start to love humanity purely before there is none.

My favorite song is by Stevie Wonder

Love’s In Need Of Love Today

If you get a chance go listen to it.

Love trumps hate