In A Few

So preseason has ended for the Caps it’s been an okay pre but come Saturday will be game opener. The Caps once again will have the Red Carpet Event & I will be there but not sure for how long because I do have to work so hopefully I can be able to take some pictures. I’m excited about this weekend I know it will be busy & hectic. We have new players this year & so it will be interesting year. I am back at the PWC Club again this season as THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS I can’t wait to see all my regular customers & hopefully some new ones. There has been some small changes at the Club but nothing to drastic. I do hope to get to do one quick interview with a Caps player or a fan about Saturday’s event.

Well, I finally made the switch from Tmobile to AT&T because they had better rates so I feel better knowing I will be paying less for cellular service. I was glad that I was able to keep my phone & tablet but I do plan to upgrade my phone in six months to a NOTE 8.

I’m still looking into ways of getting my blog out to new readers or at least getting them interested in reading what I have to say.

My book is still available for purchase STRUT OF THE PUCK on amazon. And I really can’t say when the next book will be out mostly because I am still writing it & making changes and everything else.

I find writing a blog is a lot easier than writing a book although I am planning to add a section on here where I will publish short stories of course surrounding hockey & DC. So keep reading you never know when a story will pop up.

I may be able to give a player an autographed copy of my book STRUT OF THE PUCK.