To Take A Knee Or Not

As I sit outside on my lunch break on this beautiful day I’m lost in thought. I understand why many players are “taking a knee” because of the injustices that has been done. But we live in a country where we can express ourselves politically & socially without fear. Right now we have so many issues that need a solution like homelessness & hunger.

But for me I just can not especially when I am reminded each day of those who have given so much. Then I think of those countries whose people can’t express themselves freely because of fear of being killed.

I get it what our president said it wasn’t that it wasn’t right but he could have said it in a different way but we all know we have a president who has no filter. I am not saying I agree but in a way it had to be said. But this is not about the president. We as a people need to come together to find a solution to this problem.

I will continue to watch football & root my team on but taking a knee will not solve the problem although it has brought light to the issue.

In my opionion it is disrespectful to take a knee but everyone has the right to there expression of Freedom Of Speech & we must respect that & each other.

Just remember when you take a knee there is someone who can’t.