Five On Four

Today is Caps preseason game & back to work for me being the hostess with the mostess. And yes I am, don’t hate because I’m tooting my own horn sometimes you gotta do it. I’m actually looking forward to returning to the PWC CLUB & my co workers & all my customers. I missed everyones craziness. Although I don’t think it will be a lot of fans at the arena because it’s preseason & usually it isn’t but it will still be fun none the less. But the coldness of the arena I will have to adjust to again. I did come prepared. I expect today & tomorrow to be a lite crowd but still energetic. This season as in past seasons I will gain the weight that I lost during the summer & I don’t care because I will be eating good. I’m just counting down the days & months until we play the Canadiens again( I think we played them the other day & of course my memory has once again left me which it sometimes does) mostly because I love singing their national anthem. Yes, I know I’m weird like that but this is my world & your just a blue poka dotted visitor.

Caps vs St. Louis @7pm