Makes You Wonder

I sometimes get these emails from people who must think I was born yesterday or stupid. I’ll give an example I got this email from a guy who said his name was Abu Abadada at first I was going to erase it but I decided to amuse myself mostly because I had nothing better to do & I was bored. In the email he says how he is a prince from Africa & how he inherited some money but can’t get to it and how I could. This fool wanted me to give him my address, social security number etc. This email was so poorly written that I wanted to write him back & tell him about himself. Instead I just laughed because this dumb ass thought I was dumb. And besides he couldn’t come up with a more believable name. Of course he wasn’t getting shit from me I work too damn hard for my money. I trashed it & shook my head in disbelief. I’ve heard of these scams & about the people falling for them. I deleted the email. I’m sure I’m not the only one who get’s these ridiculous emails.

Then there are the court shows that I watch sometimes. I often wonder if they get the money that is awarded to them.