Beautifully Blessed

Today I woke up not feeling right & not sure why I’m not sick just blah. But as soon as I started to feel this way I just took some time & spent time in prayer. I often have to remind myself of my many blessing. I’m grateful for what I have & always truly excited for the things I receive no matter how small. There are dreams that I have yet met but I know will become reality.

I write on this blog & I give a piece of myself. Although I don’t blog as often as I should or as I read I need too. I wonder who actually blog on a daily. I’m told by many that they love this blog & I realize that my blog is read all over the world by readers I have never met and for that I’m ever grateful.

This year I know will be exciting & busy. The Caps, Wizards & Hoya season is upon us. As I think about it this will be another year of me working as a restaurant hostess. I will have to say my job is never boring & always entertaining. As a hostess I see it all & things I don’t want to see. The stories I could tell would keep anyone reading. I was asked once how long will I continue to work as a hostess & my response was as long as I am still breathing.

Most people don’t think what I do is important or that it’s hard to do but of course they don’t know. I can’t tell you how many times people want to tell me how to do my job so I bite my tongue, smile & walk away. I often wonder how many people would be able to do what I do every day & hold their tongue.

The one quality you have to have to do my job is a love for people & the gift for patience along with gab. I guess I’m a rarity.

Now for this blog I plan to always keep it interesting. I have not yet learned how to gain more followers or even how to have readers share my blog. I will continue to do interviews & everything else.

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