Feta, Crackers & Pacing The Mind

At times I watch court shows like People Court, Judge Judy etc. & I often wonder about the cases that are presented. I realized that greed has a lot to do with some of these cases. I am never amazed anymore by the things people do but I am amused.

I got one thing to say because I saw this on my FB page. It was the cooking of grits so here is the thing when cooking grits adding butter, salt & pepper is acceptable but when you add a half pint of butter & five gallons of sugar(exaggeration) and you eat it alone that’s not grits anymore . I don’t know what it is but what I do know is it ain’t grits. Grits are to be eaten with eggs & some kind of meat.

I am always creatively thinking of new idea’s which I have followed through on a lot of them. I will be making t-shirts with my blog name.

Oh! the other day I get an email from my mom & she says that a picture I took for an event ended up in the local newspaper . She sent me a link & I was so totally stoked to think all I used was my cellphone camera. I always thought that to take awesome pictures you had to have an SLR camera but I proved to myself you really don’t.

I am creating a logo for my blog to make it more unique, more of me & what my blog represents. The one thing you will notice about my blog is I don’t hold back & I don’t focus on one topic but many. I love the ability to just go from A to Z.

I hope you keep followering & reading because it’s about to get awesome.