A Dream Deferred

As I sit and read about the kerfufle over the NHL not letting it’s players participate in the winter olympics I am reminded of a poem by Langston Hughes “Dream Deferred”. In the first line it reads ” what happens to a dream deferred?.

These players grow up dreaming of nothing more than to compete in the Olympics for their country. Some like Alex Ovechkin dreamed of playing in the Olympics & representing his country like his mother a two time olympian & now because of the selfishness of the NHL he is unable.

Yes, of course he has played in past Olympics. But these players not being able to participate in the Olympics is like someone giving you a free pass to ride metro than snatching it away & saying I changed my mind. Those that head the NHL forget that these guys give up so much to play in the NHL.

I get it having the players play in the Olympics disrupts hockey for about two weeks or longer & the players risk injury but to not let them participate hurts everyone.

The fans lose the opportunity to see their favorite player play for their birth country & the player loses their tenacity. The Olympics matter to these guys just like the Stanley Cup.

For me reading Alex Ovechkin open letter was heart breaking because the Olympics it’s in his blood, it’s his birth right. Some will understand what I mean by that & others will not.

Yes Ovi is an exceptional player and I have no doubt he will give his team and the fans his everything. He just like the other NHL players have accepted the fact that they will not be able to play for their country.

So again I reiterate the first line in the poem “What happens to a dream deferred”? And are we ready for the consequences.

I say let them play but that’s just my opinion. And I want to make clear I am not saying that hockey doesn’t matter to these guys because it does but what I am saying is so does the Olympics.