And Another Season Begins

Well, the summer has been great got a chance to relax & catch up on a lot of stuff. But now the Caps, Wizards & Hoya season will be in full motion. So I learned that we have another black player Devante Smith Pelley who plays right wing (I have no idea what that is as you can tell. I’m still learning hockey positions & what they do) I guess he will be replacing Joel Ward who was traded to another team. I don’t know how that got by me but it did & I guess I’m late talking about it but it happens, oh well. Although we do have Madison Bowey who plays for the Hershey Bears & sometimes play with the Caps. I’m not sure if Devante will be a fulltime player with the team or if he will be shuffled to the Bears. I’m still getting use to the name change of the arena from Verizon Center to Capital One Arena again it will be an interesting season. I wonder if Devante will make the opening night lineup. I do hope to get a chance to meet him & hopefully I can interview him for my blog because that would be awesome. I’m excited about getting back to work & the arena and the Caps. Who know what this season has planned for me & my blog. I hope to see everyone at the games. And keep following me because it’s about to get interestingly strange.

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