Same Dilemma Different Day

So newer phones are being released lately it’s almost like every six months. So I have been contemplating between getting a S8 or Note 8. I have a note 5 which has been good to me I did have a Note 4 but that gave up the juice so I had to get a 5. I’m still learning what it can do but I wonder if there is any real difference between these phones. But what I do know is that if I want to do a upgrade I will have to put a deposit first because that’s the way TMOBILE is no matter how long you been with them or how many times you have paid your bill on time. I get it my cedit is not the best but I am working on it. So for now I am in limbo about whether to keep what I have or upgrade. I’ve been told I should switch but it will be the same no matter where I go so for now I will stay & keep what I have.

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