Something New

Ive always been a crafty person & I have made so many things. I recently made pom pom keychain charm & I made a few bracelets for me to wear. I learned how to make jewlery by watching youtube I didnt do a bad job on my first bracelet. I plan to buy more beads & jewlery tools to make more. I’ve thought about possibly selling what I make. I have begun to sell my pom pom keychain charm. I am thinking about taking classes on jewlery making just to make sure I am not missing any critical points in jewlery making. I love to wear jewlery so I figure why not make it. And maybe this will turn into a small business for me to offer handmade crafts at reasonable prices. My products will be for men & women. I’m also making rings. My keychain charms will be for either hanging on purses, in cars or in the home.