Things That Make You Go Hmm!!!

When I am not working I like to watch court shows mostly because they are interesting. I’ve come to realize that people get sue happy. Then I also realize people do some unbelievable things. I’ve seen cases where people move in with each other without getting to know each other and or dating. I say if your dating don’t move in together & don’t intermingle money. People sue for the dumbest of things. Then of course there are the many scams out there that you have to be wary of. It’s like you have to be on guard all the time.

So what is up with all these sexual predictors being able to get to these kids. Does anyone do background checks. And then you have people trying to abduct kids in daylight. You gotta wonder what is happening. I pray all the time & I meditate to keep myself centered. All I can say is you have to stay prayed up all the time.