Mic Drop Moment

I at times skim through my face book page & read interesting stories. And I came across one that was interesting. A woman went to her facebook to vent. She says how one day she was making brownies for her child’s class & she either ran out of milk or didn’t have any so she decided to use her breast milk. She goes on to say how she told the parent’s & how they freaked out. First of all I don’t think you need milk anymore to make brownies but even if you did need milk, milk is milk. At the same time I just don’t understand why she would tell. Anyway what these parent’s don’t realize is that history has taught us that woman were exchanging breast milk years ago. Before there was formula there was breast milk & when a mother couldn’t breast feed her child another woman did because that child had to eat or the child would starve. All I’m saying is there are worse things that have been put in brownies.