What’s The Word

Lately its been too hot to do anthing but be under a air conditioner or fan. So today while it was pleasant I took the opportunity to go outside & take in god’s work. I will have to say it was a beautiful site eventhough it was only an hour. The coolness of the air made me not want to re-enter my place of work but I slowly & grudgingly did for it was expected of me. If you get a chance go outside.

Now I am moving on to more mindful topics. I have been watching past episodes of Game Of Thrones I right now am on season two. I at first found it to be shocking with all the sex, violence & nudity but once I past all that I really became a fan of the show. But at times I do have to close my eyes when they start chopping off heads & slashing swords through bodies but other than that Im really into it. My favorite character so far is Khaleesi Princess Of House Of Tarqaryer also known as Mother Of Dragons I find her to be interesting and her story very much especially her quest to take back the Iron Throne. I am continuing to watch in hopes that she does ascend the throne. The one person I have a strong dislike of is King Joffrey Baratheon I find him to be a very vicious & sadistic king with no feelings. He rules by fear I can only hope someone kills him soon. I do hope that the young Princess Sansa who is betrothed to the sadistic king doesn’t get the chance to marry him. I really hope Arya is given the chance to kill him but only time will tell.