I’m always reading my FB page along with other things & some are believable stories while others are just plan ridiculous. One story was true because the news covered it. It started with a passenger & two empty seats. As the passenger was sitting next to the empty seats another passenger sitting behind the empty seats took off her shoes & socks then popped her feet up in the vacant seats arm rest. She did nothing but if it where me I would have either poked her with something sharp, pulled a hair on one of her toes, slapped or sat on her feet. I would not have cared if she got mad because I don’t want to smell or see your feet in my face. So what if the seats beside me are vacant that does not give you the right to prop your feet on the vacant seats arm rest. I will never understand the rudeness of people. 

Question: Do you think it’s okay for people to remove their shoes & socks on an airplane?

As I always skim through my FB page I find people will post anything to get attention. I am just baffled at what people will post on the internet.