On The Horizon

Lately I’ve been looking into ways of making my blog better than it is & also how to get monetary support/ investors. I haven’t stopped writing my book series but I just have been concentrating more on my blog. My goal is to increase its readership by writing about everything. I’ve read other blogs that only concentrate on one topic but that not me. I love to dive into all topics like fashion, threatre, food, travel, & my life thought’s etc & that’s what my blog will be about. I will at times dive into those topics that are in the news but I will not dwell. I’m actually writing my Kickstarter but I’m also researching what has been done in the past with blogs. I do want to travel with my blog but the most important to me is I want to keep it fun & interesting. Be on the lookout for my kickstarter. 

This past week has been interesting especially with Blac Chyna & Rob. I understand Rob is hurt because he was used but he should have known better. Blac Chyna used Rob to get back at the K sisters because her ex was dating the younger sister & no one said a word. And then her mom decides to say a few choice words. Everyone is to blame for this mess but this could be a way for everyone’s name to stay in the public because bad publicity is better than none.

On yesterday I binged watched Game Of Thrones & I found it to be very interesting. This show had a lot of people losing heads & a lot of sex. But what I dont get is how it’s okay to show a nude woman but not a nude man. I’m all about equal opportunity. The show is good even though its violent. I see how you can get hooked. I plan to continue to watch.

Lately its been extremely hot in DC. From what I have heard July is DC hottest month.