Just Don’t

My day started off good even though it’s hot but I am staying cool as possible & its looking like rain. So I put my artwork out there on the web to sell & it wasn’t long before I get an offer. I was happy until I saw what this woman had offered. She offered $2.00 for one of my oil paintings I get it I’m an unknown artist who never went to school for my craft but I’m not stupid. That was an insult because oil paintings are very expensive I knew she was just trying to be asshole. I just politely declined her offer although I wanted to give her a tongue lashing. Then I thought she was trying to get a rise out of me but I rose above the stupidity. I will continue to create art & find ways to sell. I’ve been thinking about holding an art show where people can buy my art. And I’ve even thought about opening up my own art gallery but these are just thoughts. My goal is to one day create an art room in my home & that is why I am selling my artwork.