The Cellphone Dilemma

Well, ever since the galaxy S8 has come out I have wanted it, I have dreamed about it, I have felt it in my hands. I’ve gone to the T-Mobile store to see it & price it. There is nothing wrong with my Note 5 it works & does what I need it to do which is a replacement for my Note 4 which gave up on me sooner than expected. But the price my cellphone company (T-Mobile) wants me to put down on the S8 & then pay the rest in installments is just too much. I’ve been with T-Mobile off & on for about three years & has always paid my bill but not always on time. So they want me to pay $500 up front then of course the rest in installments. The phone cost $700 so if Im gonna have to pay that much up front I’d just rather buy it. Their reason is because my credit isn’t good which I know but I have been with them for some years but that doesn’t matter. If I could switch  cellphone company’s I would. While I am due for an upgrade it will not happen because of the up front cost is just too pricey. For now I have better uses for that chunk of money. And I am aware that by the time I get ready to buy the S8 because of a price drop there will be a newer & better phone out. So for now I will stay where I am & keep what I have.