Fingers Crossed

Yesterday I went to the Caps Fan Fest which was held on a Tuesday. As I arrived I noticed there was not a lot of fans but it just meant not long lines to meet the alumni or the prospect. I made the most of it by giving out my books. I gave copies of my book to Joe B, Mike Knuble, Caleb Green, Ian( RMNB) & Courtney Laughlin. They were very surprised that I wrote a book I had to tell them I am a woman of many talents. Now all I can do is wait to see what there response to my book is & pray that they give a review on amazon or even mention it. I’m a patient woman I’m still waiting to hear or see Braden Holtby review of my book which I gave to him a few weeks ago. This for me has been tough to get anyone to review my book. I did enjoy myself & Mike Knuble looked very good because when he played he was always looking so beaten up. Well, only time will tell if my efforts were successful. I’m so ready for the season to start. Gotta order more copies.

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