Real Talk

I’ve decided to talk on this subject because its one that needs to be said. Okay young ladies I know how when your young you feel invisible because I felt the same way but I wasn’t stupid a little silly yes. So you like to party just like everyone else but sometimes partying can get you in trouble like drinking. It’s fine to party just be smart because your gonna have guys present & if they are trying to give you shots/ drinks continuously then leave because they only want one thing sex. And that’s the scary part of partying because you could end up with an incurable disease, pregnant, on the Internet or all three. And we all know how people just got to put everything on the Internet which is so stupid but again that’s the world we live in. The one thing you have to remember is once its on the Internet its out there for everyone to see & when I say everyone I mean that. But again don’t be stupid about having a good time because sometimes it can ruin the rest of your life. Ladies young & old you got to be smart, you got to be careful & realize what you do in the dark will come to light. When I go out to have a good time I only have one drink & I make it a fruity drink then I drink coke or water & I am always aware of my surrounding. I understand that you want to enjoy your youth & no one is saying not to but just enjoy it smartly. We live in an unsafe world where people enjoy taking advantage of other people especially when there drunk or passed out. Some may read this & take heed to what I am saying others may not but what I am saying is the truth & I am just trying to pass some knowledge.