Boogie Queen

Last night I get a call from my girl asking me if I wanted to hang & of course I said  yeah. So we drove out to Fort Washington Maryland to a restaurant called Martini’s. This restaurant is small but the atmosphere is laid back. That night they were charging twenty dollars at the door but I am not sure if they do it on a regular. We didn’t have to pay because we were on the list. Then  I find out that a go-go band called Team Familiar was performing. I had only heard of them but never saw them play before. This band was awesome & the food was good. In between them playing the DJ played & I danced on & off. I really enjoyed myself because no one faught or got shot this was as I like to say grown folk time. This is how it is when grown folk get together. I got my drink on & partied like a rock star. This band Team Familiar plays around the DMV I hope to see them again. I have to admit this was my first time seeing a go-go band play live & they played there butts off.

Team Familiar plays again tonight. I recommend everyone to go see them play.

One final thought I didn’t get into the house until a little after 3am. I did get some sleep but I am up now.