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I have been able to do a few things that I hadn’t been able to do in awhile since my seasonal job slowed down.  I have been watching a few court shows like People Court, Judge Judy & Paternity Court which I find very mind blowing at times. Some of the cases are so ridiculous but I realized that people can be just money hungry. I have learned what not to do. But as I watch Hoarders it makes my skin crawl when they show how some live & then I go into a cleaning frenzy. Don’t get it twisted I keep my home clean but it does look lived in at times. I do go out in the yard to do yard work which can be tiring at times. Ever so often I watch Married At First Sight which I find to be such a bad show & idea. For me I feel the show doesn’t take marriage serious. I could never marry someone the first time I see them. Before I married my hubby I knew him since I was young we had lost touch then reconnected and I just knew he was my soulmate. We have been married for eight years now. Although our marriage has not been easy but when your “in love” you work it out. We support each other & we lift each other in spirits & strength. He loves to say there is never a boring moment in our relationship. When we are out my hubby loves to hold my hand & at times squeezes my butt. Our personality are so different I’m the energy that gets everyone pumped & can keep it going while he is the cool & calm soul. In a way we were meant to be. I also watch MY 600 POUND LIFE & I didn’t know a person could be addicted to food but apparently its possible. Although I could never let myself get so huge that I couldn’t move around. I have my favorite foods just like everyone else but I never over indulge.

I am enjoying my time off but I can’t wait to get back to work. It has given me time to write & catch up on movies. I try not to watch the news as much because it can be depressing at times. As I get older I find that its best not to stress over the little things in life. I do pray & meditate to stay sane because this life will have you going nuts if you let it.  The other day I got my eyes checked but nothing has changed much in a year my eye sight still horrible & I still have to wear glasses and without them I can’t see so I try not to lose them & keep them close because there have been times when I have walked into walls and fell down stairs. Yes my eyesight is that bad. I know I need to get my hearing checked.

My favorite movie of all time is Pretty Woman because I can relate to being judged before people get to know me. And my taste in music is like no other one minute I can be listening to country music then another minute I can be listening to heavy metal with me you never know. The other thing I be thinking about is how everything we eat has become so unhealthy. But I stop worrying about it & just enjoy myself. I do try to keep the weight off by dancing not too much exercising. But dancing is exercising so I do. 

Recently my family on my mothers side had our first family reunion. For the first time we got together & nobody died. I know how that sounds but usually when we get together somebody has died. It was so much fun to see those family members that are still with us. 

Well, for now all I can say is I’m excited for my blog & books & what will become of them.

When you follow my blog, you follow my journey, my life as I see it, the good, the bad, and the crazy.


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