Penguins Win Again 

Today was another hot & steamy day & as it became evening it did not cool down as much. 

So I watched the game tonight & was really hoping to see a battle & I didn’t. The Pens played awful & I’m shocked they won but they did. I’m not hating on Pens not at all I just wished to have seen a better game. While it’s true I’m no fan of the team but I have no hard feelings because they did do what my Caps couldn’t. 

I am curious as to what they do to win the Stanley Cup twice. Although they are the most hated team in the NHL. It makes me wonder what is best to be hated or loved. So anyway they won & the city will be in celebration I only wish them the best & I hope that the city stays in one piece.  I still have my Pens shirt so I will wear it in honor of their win. I will always be a Caps fan for life but a win is a win.

In a few weeks I will be attending the Caps Fan Fest so I am very excited. 

One question we all should be asking the Penguins What are they doing differently than all the other teams to win the Stanley Cup?? And it’s not because they are that good.