So Much Pride

Today I went to celebrate the LGBT community. I had so much fun I danced, laughed & shouted. The Pride Parade was so awesome. I stood among my brothers & sisters in support. Of course they had a few protesters trying to disrupt the parade. I don’t get it what they were protesting but it just seems that as soon as a group of people are having fun some one just got to be a grinch.

While I was there I gave out my books to a few people & then I gave an autographed copy to Braden Holtby the Caps goalie. He was thrilled to receive it & said he would read it but I can only hope he does because I really want to know what he thinks of my book. That’s all I really ask of anyone is to let me know their thoughts on the book.

I plan to order more copies to pass out during the Caps Fan Fest. 

If you haven’t then go purchase your copy of STRUT OF THE PUCK  at