Movie Review (Wonder Woman)

Yesterday before I went to work I went to see the movie Wonder Woman. I have to be honest I was skeptical that I would like it or that the director of the movie would do it justice.

I grew up watching the tv series Wonder Woman she meant everything to me. She was fierce & fearless & she believed in equality and love. She had inner strength something I didn’t have and needed because going to school was rough for me I was teased & called all types of name. I remember my mom bought me wonder woman underoos( some may remember those under wear) and I would wear them as often as I could because I felt that if I wore them nothing anyone would say or do could hurt me. School was not a good time for me but I did finish because of Wonder Woman I wanted to be like her smart & loving. I use to wonder if there was such a place called Paradise but I realized Paradise Island was what you made it to be so every time I sat in front of the tv to watch the show that was my Island. Yes I had awesome parents but it’s sort of hard to explain to them about what it’s like to be teased every day at school. Yes school may have not been great for me but I knew I always had my family’s love & Wonder Woman & that was enough for me.

So anyway, as I am sitting in the theatre I kept my mind open.  It didn’t so much go the way of the tv show it went deeper. It did stay true to the character & towards the end I had tears in my eyes because of her love for humanity & the message was powerful. Yes there is a message that the movie gives only if you listen. 

If you don’t get the message than you truly don’t understand the character she was more than a super hero, more than a woman running around in a form fitting outfit with a golden lasso.

I know if I ever get to meet Lynda Carter I would give her a hug. Now I  read how some countries are talking about banning the movie because of Gal Gadot who is an Israeli & something she did but I say this if they do ban the movie then they are missing the message the movie has & that would be sad.

I say thank you to the film director Patty Jenkins for doing such an awesome job & keeping it true to the character I know it must not have been easy but you did it. But I just got one question why did you take the spin out? The spin was important it was how you got to see her transform.

So my thanks goes out to Lynda Carter(original Wonder Woman), Patty Jenkins(director) & Gal Gadot(new wonder woman) for the incredible work you did in bringing to life one of the most awesome super hero.

I give the movie a 10. It is a must see & worth every bit of $13.


I still watch the Wonder Woman tv series thanks to my brother in law who has the entire season. I still want a golden lasso but I also want the new wonder woman outfit(laughing out loud)