Oh No!!!!!

So I know everyone is aware of the kerfuffle that Kathy Griffin has caused. Yes it was in poor taste and there was nothing funny about it. But it’s no different than what has been done to other president’s. 

We live in a society where President’s are not respected. I know everyone has their own opinions about what was done and everyone is entitled to their opinions. I give this a few months and it will be a distant memory about one person’s bad judgement. Now of course she didn’t do this by herself she had help which we will never know who helped her but just like everything she is the fall person.

In this society there are better things, more important things to talk about.

I myself will never understand how holding a severed head is funny. When I saw the picture I found it disturbing & sad. I know President Trump is not liked by everyone but you should still respect him.  

All I am saying is we need to stop giving this Kathy Griffin kerfuffle  energy.

This is just my opinion on it & now I am moving on to another topic