Today I  had a small cookout with my daughter’s & grandbabies. My hubby cooked & it was so good. When we do another cookout it will be bigger and more family will be here. I enjoyed having my grandbabies over. And now tonight Pens vs Preds. I’m at a dilemma because I can not say who I am rooting for. I don’t want the Pens to win but I’m not sure if I want the Preds to win. I will be watching because this game just got “real.” My fur baby  butter kept going outside & then he climbed up into the tree which hubby had to get him down. Now he stretched out sleep in the window. 

Sometime next month I will be ordering a few copies of my book “strut of the puck” & then getting my computer repaired so I can finally finish my second book & get it published. 

I have a new contest that I am working on for my first book Strut Of The Puck & the prize will be two tickets to a Washington Capitals game & dinner at the PWC Club if the readers can answer the questions correctly. The readers will have two questions to answer & must get both questions correct. But of course to answer these questions you would need to read the book.

Today was a drama free chill day.